Collect sales leads with
the Sample Shop

Help end-users a step further and let your retailers take care of the rest

This is how it works

Give us your product data and we'll turn it into a sales machine that generates real sales leads and serves your customers 24/7.

The Sample shop is a hassle-free web app for selling product samples no matter how many products you have in your catalog.

We take care of all the tech things and let you focus on your business. To make it easy to start offering product samples, we can handle shipping as well.

  • Install a simple script on your website once we've setup the shop for you
  • Promote the shop on your most important landing pages and product pages
  • Once orders start pouring in, convert sales leads to deals by automatically passing them on to salespersons with our built-in integrations

Case studies


Tikkurila upgraded product sample sales to the next level by utilizing e.g. integrations to logistics partner's systems. Tikkurila has relied on our Sample shop since 2016.

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Timberwise has a focus on serving professional customers exceptionally well. Professionals need product samples in order to show their clients e.g. the available color and material options.

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With a catalog of more than 2500 products, automating product data management becomes crucial. We have developed several integrations for Värisilmä to keep the data in sync.

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Core features & benefits

Built for mobile devices
We are devoted to make the app work on all devices as smoothly as possible. More than half of all orders are made by mobile users.
Pick up as delivery method
Drive customers to stores by letting them pick up their orders from e.g. your retailer's stores for free.
Sales power multiplied
The shop can be installed on any website at the same time with very minimal effort. You can keep track of sales coming from e.g. your partner's websites and reward them.
Flexible discount codes
Use discount codes to see how campaigns perform or to boost just specific products. We have created a discount code system that enables a vast amount of business cases.
Zero maintenance
One of the core ideas of SaaS is that we do all the heavy lifting and you enjoy the results. No matter how much traffic your site has, we are prepared for nearly everything.
Automated workflows
Does your product catalog update often? No problem. We can automate repetitive work to make it easy to manage your product sample sales.
Special service for special customers
Would you like to offer easy login and free samples for professional users? Professionals such as designers, architects and fitters can register to your shop and order product samples for their customers for free.

Getting started with your own Sample shop is easy

Send us your product data
Install the shop on your website
Start a trial

Start serving consumers directly with the Sample shop and make your business thrive!

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